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Celebrate Your Beauty, Are you ready for something new? Receive tips on how to have fabulous hair & skin. Plus how to apply glamour essentials and the right hair style, cut or color for you.


Now is the perfect time of year to reassess your beauty options. Talk me about some new possibilities. You’ll walk out with a fresh perspective.


Share with me today the new beauty service are you going with this spring. New hair cut, style, hair color? Remember the cut is the style and your hair will fall in place when the cut is there.


Email me how you will celebrate your beauty this season to michelle@salon21-beauty.com.


To your health and beauty,


Whether you require consultation, hair care services, advice on purchasing all the right hair care or beauty products. Contact me!

Celebrate Your Beauty

Michelle Moore Bell

Beauty Expert


Pioneer & Trailblazer Honoree

Los Angeles Spectrum International Beauty Expo March 2014

".....you don't just do my hair, you take care of my hair....." Kimberly



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